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You don’t ever want to have a plumbing emergency, but a smart person is always ready for the unexpected. Being prepared is the best rule of thumb so if you were to have an emergency plumbing problem, would you know who to call?

Emergencies may cost more in damages than you think

Did you know that a plumbing emergency, not handled properly, can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home? This is especially the case if you experience flood damage.  Flooding can cause damage to the entirety of your home, damaging walls, carpets, and it’s very structure.

Additionally, your plumbing system flooding causes a health hazard.  This is because any water that’s mixed with sewage has bacteria and other harmful elements that can cause you and your family to get sick. Whether it’s a small flood or your entire first floor is filled with water, flooding is an emergency plumbing situation.

Danny Eaton Plumbing is an expert at fixing big problems while staying calm and keeping mess to a minimum.

By hiring a company that adheres to laws, codes and other regulations, you can feel more certain that work won’t have to be redone later.

Recognized as one of the top plumbing companies in the Triad, Danny Eaton Plumbing’s achievements are the result of strong family values that are part of every project no matter how large or small. This is one reason why it’s extremely important to us that we treat our customers like family. So if you need an emergency plumber, contact us today and schedule your next appointment!

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